Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gardening, Guitars, and Shows (oh my)!

Fact of the day: I am more famous then my blog.
You’re probably thinking “what on earth are you talking about Jana?”
Well, if you google my full name, you see me. I think it’s actually me for the first page. If you google the name of my blog you see not my blog. I would check further than the first page, but google seems to be having a breakdown and is not working. In fact I’m not even typing this in my blog right now, I’m writing it in Word because I can’t get to my blog.

In other news, you may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog. You also may not have, but that’s cool, I understand you have other things to do with your life then constantly be checking my blog. The reason I changed the name of my blog is because I decided to write about whatever the hell I want to (thanks Ray, sorry to any grandparents/church family I’ve insulted with my foul language).

Eat, Pray, Love
I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love. I’m done with the Italy section and onto the India section. This book really makes me wish that I could a) travel to Italy, b) speak Italian c) still speak French, d) do lots of Yoga, meditation, and prayer, and most importantly e) spend four months at a time focusing on something. I utterly lack focus in my life except, perhaps, acting and theater. Yet even there I usually want to do something different every show. Sometimes I want to do something different halfway through the show, which is super healthy. I usually just do like a zillion different theatrical things at once, but never work on them at home. In fact, usually I’m so busy between work and rehearsal that I don’t really have time to work on anything at home. Or at the very least, I don’t have the energy.

And then, when I do have time, I dream about all the things I could/should/want to be doing. I dream about getting good enough at guitar that I could sit and play on Greenlake on a sunny day. I dream about being super awesome at Mary Kay so all I ever did was plan parties and make pretty gift baskets and drink wine and have girl time ALL THE TIME! I dream about having a basketful of kids who I sing songs with (a la Maria in The Sound of Music), kids who know French and are well versed in musical theater AND classic rock.

So I’m working on both getting things done that need to get done (i.e. laundry, unpacking those last few boxes, de-cluttering my apartment), doing shows, working, and LEARNING (guitar & gardening)! I may not have been a huge fan of school, but I feel like I need to always be learning something…otherwise what’s the point? I can’t stand sitting still, and I really can’t stand the thought that I’m not progressing towards…something. I’m not really sure what that something is, but I think the process of trying to get there is more important then the goal. Besides, how can you know what you want ‘till you get what you want and you see if you like it? (One month till Into the Woods rehearsals start!)

The Garden
Some plants are definitely doing better than others. Surprisingly, one of them is that Pisa-like Snapdragon. 
last week.                                                                         this week!

However, I'm pretty sure I've killed my cucumber. And yet...I have broccoli and stocks growing (you can see them behind the snapdragon!) 
Note to self: do not leave cucumber out in a very cold rainstorm. It used to be so big and pretty :( 

What do you wish you could do that you haven't (really) accomplished?

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