Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hyperbole and a Half available for pre-order!

I hope this is the cover*.

Should this be exciting? I don't know, I LIKE to have things to look forward to. Gives life some extra pizzazz, yes?

Anywho, if you've been living under a rock for the past couple years and don't know, Hyperbole and a Half is an online comic with long-form stories sprinkled with adorable comics, mostly featuring crazy things that have happened to the comic, Allie Brosh. I love it. She doesn't post all that often, but it's always epic. Her last post was one of the most beautiful and funny things I've ever read, about her last year battling depression. I cried, and laughed, and my heart grew three sizes that day.

October 29, 2013. Be prepared world. Be prepared.
I just pre-ordered mine. It's currently #2 on the Amazon Bestseller list. Second only to, you guessed it The Cuckoo's Calling.

Speaking of which, like I mentioned, I like to be excited about things. I like anticipation. I like to plan things out. I am really upset that J. K. Rowling has had a book out for half a year and I just found out. I'm busy Jo. I can't read your book, I have a stack 7 high. But I want to.

In case you're keeping score, They solved the mystery of the anonymous tweet (probably). Apparently one of Jo's lawyer's wife's best friends is the culprit. Not any of her kids. I'm disappointed. So is Jo, ""I had assumed that I could expect total confidentiality from Russells, a reputable professional firm and I feel very angry that my trust turned out to be misplaced." 

*it's not.

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