Monday, August 26, 2013

Soap Box Moment

So I know everyone and their mom is weighing in about the Miley Cyrus VMA performance, but I have opinions too.

Here’s what I have to say. Deep in the bowels of Reddit I stumbled upon this video of Miley Cyrus singing “Jolene” about a year ago. It’s been out for eight months and has 8,534,478 views. Mostly upvotes. But I had never seen it before. “We Can’t Stop” her new crazy stuff that is pretty much more of what you’ve seen from the VMA’s (I’m guessing) has 158,401,767 in two months. Let’s let that sink in. Almost exactly 150,000,000 more views. Her VMA performance went freaking viral. Everyone has an opinion, and you know what that means? Everyone is paying attention to her.

You know what that means? In about six months we took this girl

and turned her into this girl 

 We did that by showing her that the world will watch her when she twerks and the world will basically ignore her if she stays a Disney Princess.

So stop talking about what Robin Thicke did or what Miley Cyrus did or who should or shouldn’t be slut shamed and take a long look in the mirror. You and me give young girls the idea that we will watch them ruin their lives but we will neither pay attention nor care if they come of age and stay a princess.

I could end that rant there couldn’t I? But I’m not going to. I’m going to go a step farther and propose a solution, of sorts. Watch what you share. Watch what you share your opinion on. Don’t point fingers at those you think are doing stupid shit. Share something that means something to you. Until we decide that we’re going to find entertainment from watching moments like this (Same Love - VMA) Until we start applauding each other for the good we are doing, they are going to keep up with the shock value performances.

Go give Jolene an upvote on YouTube. Maybe if enough people do that, maybe if enough people tell Miley that we want to see her succeed and be the next Oprah or Macklemore or whatever we can be the strong females in her life that so many are crying out to save her from herself. 

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