Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pretentiousness, Thy Name is Me (Or, Why I Don't Like Orange is the New Black, the TV Show)

Pretentiousness, Thy Name is Me 
Or, Why I Don't Like Orange is the New Black, the TV Show

Has anyone actually read Orange is the New Black and still like the Netflix show? Ok, better question, has anyone read the memoir? No? Just me? Ok well they are both about a blonde woman named Piper who delivered a suitcase full of drug money for her girlfriend Nora. Ten years later Nora turns her in and Piper ends up in jail.

Here's a problem I have. I listened to this on an audiobook and talked to someone who read the book and watched the show and while I said that an episode one plot point did not happen in the book, she argued that it absolutely had happened. I'm not sure that my listening skills were top notch while I listened to this book, so take that grain of salt and read my opinion.

The major theme I took away form the memoir was how normal everyone was, how boring prison (jail?) was, and I questioned the needs of  those in prison and how well those needs are being met.

For example, going into this book I thought "oh, white collar prison is not so bad. They have cable! They have everything!"
But the beauty of Orange is the New Black (the book) is that you see the agony of boredom and the beauty of the community that is created by the women of the prison. I felt like Piper made friends and while bad things happened, people generally looked after each other.
But maybe I spaced out while running and wasn't listening during the bad parts.

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