Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Books for Kids!

Super cute little book. Bear cub wanders off chasing a bee and papa bear has to go find him. They run through an opera house. Excellent illustrations, kind of a Where's Waldo with bears.

So I actually never read the full title until I had it at my house, and I thought it was called "Unicorn Think's He's Pretty" and I thought it sounded mean and vapid and about beauty. It's not. It's an adorable little book about a goat who's jealous of a magical unicorn that moves into the neighborhood, only to find out that the unicorn is also jealous of him SPOILER ALERT they end up being friends.
Kind of like Enemy Pie, but for tinier children. Like 4-6 year-olds. Maybe? I don't have kids I don't know what's appropriate anymore!!!

Spoilers abound. Because this book is 12 pages long.
This book is wonderfully illustrated, and shows the relationship of a friendless schoolboy and a bluebird. No words, only pictures.
I'm kind of traumatized by the ending.
I would only make a child read this as punishment if he was an awful kid like Peter from Ender's Game and I wanted him to stop sacrificing animals in his backyard.

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