Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Hangman's Daughter (4)

Jakob Kuisl is the Hangman of Schongau, a small village in Germany.  When the local midwife is accused of witchcraft after an orphan is found murdered with a mysterious mark on his shoulder, Kuisl teams up with the local doctor's son to find out who is really out to kill a pack of orphans.

I mean...I expected the book to center a little more around The Hangman's Daughter for some reason...but once I got used to the fact that Magdelena (Kuisl's Daughter) wasn't going to be the main narrator, I got pretty into it. It has everything you need in a book: possible witchcraft, serial killer, the killer possibly being an actual demon, young star-crossed lovers, buried treasure...

While it can be a little slow at places, especially the beginning, once things get going at the end you can't put it down.

Probably the most fun thing about this book is that Oliver Potzsch, the other, is actually a decedent of the Kuisls, who are apparently a very famous clan of executioners in Germany. I don't know how historically accurate this story actually is, but its pretty cute that he basically wrote fanfiction about his ancestors. 

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