Monday, January 16, 2012

Anyone for a workout? Snow Day - Day 2

So, in addition to getting my obscene amount of things organized, my other big goal for 2012 is to get back in shape. This isn't just about getting a smaller waistline for me (although that would be nice!), I am trying really hard to focus on the healthy part. I am really good at lying to myself about how often I'm working out, rehearsing, cleaning, writing, name it, I am the queen of "oh but I just did that!" Now I started using in...November? Yeah, I think it was November. And they gave me this awesome suggestion, which I think most people who work out frequently probably use, but for me it was one of those, "I can't believe I haven't thought of that!" moments. What was this amazing nugget of awesomeness that they revealed to me? Write down your reps. Yeah, it's that simple. Get yourself a notepad, write the date across the top, and log what you did that day. It's a great way to track your progress as you get more fit, but if you're like me, the real beauty of it is that it doesn't lie to you about the last time you worked out. I'll think I had just one teensy bad week where I didn't workout much, but when I  go back to the notepad I see...quel horreur! "It's been 21 days since my last workout? I thought it was just last week!"

Now, is great because they make their workouts an intense 15 minutes, and that is it. 15 minutes a day and you should be as ripped as Zuzana here and, let's be honest, who doesn't want to look like that?

But my problem with bodyrock is they have a lot of workouts that require equipment, of which I have none. And part of me goes "c'mon Jana, just buy the workout stuff!" but the rest of me looks at this sad little chart that proves I'd only use it, at best, three times a month. And I'm just not one to blow $100 on something I'll probably never use (and there's like three $100 items I'd need).

I also like having something to follow, and while they show you their workout, it's not in the fitness-tape, workout-while-watching way that I do like, and so I get a little discouraged. I mean, I clearly don't look like her, so why should I push myself to do 5 sets? Maybe I'll just do three, that seems quite hard enough...

So then (and by then I mean at the tail end of December, three-to-six weeks later) I went back to my good 'ol Netflix workouts. (Hello 10-minute solutions!)

this is a real badge that I actually
earned because I'm a winner.
And my darling boyfriend showed me the best thing ever for tracking my workouts. It's called fleetly, and there is a website as well as an iPhone app, so you can even take it to the gym with you, if you're one of those people who actually goes to the gym. But for people like me, it has plenty of workouts with no equipment necessary! So you can do their workouts, or log your own. Which means I can bounce around from Netflixing to bodyrocking, running, walking, or just doing whatever I want. You then log what you did and get points! Who doesn't like getting points? I love getting points. And not only do you get points and level up as you workout, if you don't log anything for drop levels. So when I'm having my omg-I'm-going-to-get-in-such-good-shape! week, I'll go up to level 19, but when I slack off and don't do anything, I log on to find myself at level 9. So it keeps me honest.

And, just like that notepad, you can log that you did a workout, how many reps you did, what weights you used, ect. so the next time you do that exercise it's right in front of you how you did the last time you did it. And more importantly (for me) it shows you when the last time you did it actually was.

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